Writing as a Self-Care Ritual

When we hear the word self-care, it means different things to different people. For some it is retail therapy, taking a walk, a spa day, or meditation. For me, journaling is one of my self-care rituals. As a writer by profession, there is a difference. Part of my brain is write on demand and the work gets done. The other half is looking at the beauty of writing to heal and tell stories. When I mention to clients and students to use writing as a self-care option, I often get, “but I am not a writer.” You don’t have to be and we all have some writer in us. It hasn’t been birthed yet. I get the blank stare.

In the process of my coaching and teaching, I share that writing is a connection to our soul and if we really tap in, we can heal the unknown parts that are tucked away, tortured, and too scared to heal in the light. It takes a thought, trust, and a little nudge to help get the words on paper to start the healing process which, in turn, is self-care. Once you get started it is an easy practice.

My practice is “Morning Pages” I started this practice from Julia Cameron’s book The Artist Way. You write three pages or for 10 minutes. This is what is also considered “spirit writing” because you don’t think you just write what comes to mind. At times, because I am analytical, I get away from the free write/spirit writing method, but I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. There are other times when I write and really get it on the page, so I can work through and process what is going on.

If you feel that the words that are in your soul will not come to the page, I have some writing prompts for you that can get you started.

Try a few and share your results in the comments.

Writing Prompts

I feel my best when__

The time I stayed to long__

I felt resistance in forgiving ____ because__

The thing I need to change is__

I can’t trust myself when__

If you want more writing prompts download my free workbooks on the products page.

Be Well. Write Well.


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