Overcoming Burnout as a Writer

There was a time when it came to writing I could transcribe and write five to six articles a day. I was teaching full-time and would feel energized spending the evening interviewing, transcribing and writing. The excitement of talking to people, learning their stories, and crafting articles was so exciting and there was a rush that came with it.

I always enjoy the work of writing and interviewing, transcribing, not so much. As I listened to the interview, I would craft the story in my mind. My writing was like a rhythmic pulse.

Little did I know, I was training myself for being a digital editor. This was a completely different ballgame you could write anywhere from 5 -10 articles a day, edit more articles, and consistently be on top of the latest news as it related to your niche and outlet. At the time, it was fun and exciting, my dream of being an editor at a national magazine came true. As time went on, there was a truth that not many people talk about and that is the burnout.

I had to step down from my position due to surgery, what I realized is that I was burnout from writing. The assignments that I were given took me longer than usual, I couldn’t find the words, the thought of writing, minus journaling, felt exhausting. I was torn, I thought is this the end.

No, it was a new beginning and a new way of doing the thing I loved. I took a break, I paused. I felt guilty for pausing and telling people no.

With each no, there was a new layer of energy.

With each no, I realized how I wanted to restructure my writing.

With each no, I was saying yes to myself.

We all experience burnout and it is okay to pause. It is okay to pivot. It is okay to reinvent and restructure things so you can enjoy what you are doing.

If you are feeling burnout from writing or another area in your life, here are some tips that will help.

Let me know in the comments, how do you overcome burnout?

Write well. Be well.

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