How to Land Your First Guest Blogging Opportunity

Do you want to start writing but need clips to show your work to editors?
Have you started a business and need extra promotion?
Have you changed industries or need a reboot?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, guest blogging can help you get the clips and exposure you need to start and/or shift gears and move forward. I remember when I first started blogging, I used Blogger. The blog roll was a handy way of promoting each other’s blogs and finding a community of similar bloggers and supporters.

Now, many people are guest positing on blogs. This can help build your blog or business, be of service, become an expert, and build clips for other writing opportunities.

I’ve worked with many clients who wanted to start guest blogging and move into paid writing opportunities. It is doable and it takes time and patience.

Here are the steps to landing your first guest post
  1. Create a list of topics
    When you think of topics for writing, think of two things, your passion and your gifts. If you are passionate you will keep working and writing about the topic. If there is a topic that you are naturally good at that you don’t have to think about consider writing about that subject too. Your topics will change over time or you can find a specialty and stick with it. The key is to focus and position yourself to become an expert. Create a list of topics and narrow them down.
  1. Write down your list and ideas
    Congratulations, you have your list of topics that you want to write about. Now, it is time to come up with ideas. For each topic come up with five ideas. You can use one idea and pitch it five different ways. For example. If you are going to write about the health benefits of leafy green vegetables. This topic seems tried and overdone. There are creative ways that you can approach the topic.
  1. The seven leafy green vegetables that are a must have for your diet.
  2. Susan incorporated these leafy green vegetables in her diet and her skin cleared up
  3. If you want to skip the milk and dairy, these leafy green vegetables can do the trick
  4. The essential leafy green vegetable to add to your morning smoothie

Notice the pattern. Do some research on leafy greens, interview some people and rework the article. You took one broad idea and turned it into four.

  1. Study the blog
    When I worked as an editor, it was impressive when someone pitched me and knew the publication inside and out. The majority of writers pitch broad, go specific, even if it is not a fit your pitch will stand out. As you study the blog know the sections and mention it in your pitch. Overall, you want to study the blog, sections, writers, topics, and articles. It is important to get a style of the writing and understand the outlet before you pitch.
  1. Read the submission guidelines
    Read them and read them again. Follow specific instructions for pitching. Many people will write you off immediately if you don’t follow simple instructions listed. If you don’t see guidelines on the blog, find the editor or founder and pitch them directly.
  1. Promote
    Utilize social media to promote your work. It is okay to schedule the article into your calendar more than one time. Share your articles with your friends and community and ask them to share.
  1. Have something to give your readers
    If you have a freebie or opt-in to share, include it in your article or in your bio. Readers can get to know who you are and understand the services that you offer.
  1. Celebrate 
    You set the intention, goal, and made it happen. You deserve a celebration. It is important to celebrate your wins. Congrats!

Start your guest positing with positivity. Download these free affirmations for writers.

Be well. Write Well,


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