How to Get out of a Writing Slump and Get Back on Track

We’ve all been there, we have the urge to write, we come to the page, and our mind is blank. We are on deadline, and an article that should take an hour, takes three days to complete. Something happened, and we feel stuck and unmotivated.

Welcome to the experience of a writing slump. This is not a fun, but this too shall pass. While you are pausing, pay attention. Sometimes there is a natural pause for us to move in a different direction or we could just be tired and need a break.

Here are four things you can do to get out of a writing slump and let the pen meet the page.

1. Create realistic goals, for now
Goals are important when it comes to your writing. Think of your long-term vision, then create goals that are aligned with that vision. With these goals, you can break them down quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily. It is important to be realistic and create attainable goals, at first. Once you are back on track, revisit and create some goals that challenge and scare you. Growth is necessary.

2. Write daily
Create daily writing goals for yourself. If you want to journal more, set a timer for 10 minutes daily. If you want to get published, create a goal to send five pitches a day. These daily goals will become a habit. When your writing is flowing again, set a writing schedule that works for you.

3. Take a creative and motivating break
A break is a good thing. Take a break between your writing and do something motivating and creative. Go to a gallery, dance class, poetry reading, listen to a podcast or watch a film. Movement can also enhance creativity. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and get your artistic juices flowing. A break is good for the brain.

4. Be gentle with yourself
Writing is a process. It is important to enjoy the journey of creativity. As you are writing, be gentle and forgiving with yourself. Affirm yourself as an artist and writer and know that you can do it. If you hit a roadblock with your writing, pause but don’t quit. Put the pen to the page and let it flow.

What do you do to get back on track with your writing.

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Write well. Be Well.

2 thoughts on “How to Get out of a Writing Slump and Get Back on Track”

  1. Many thanks for this writing inspiration Yvelette. I am in a writing slump at the moment and this blog post has really motivated me to at least write for 10 minutes a day to get back into the flow and start working towards my writing goals.

    1. Hi Traci,

      Take your time. Write a little bit each day and release the outcome. Get back to the space of enjoying the process. Keep me posted on and thanks for your comment. 🙂

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