Five Ways to Release Fear and Put the Pen to the Page

That great idea for a story finally came, You’re excited right? Wrong, the fear has taken over and you don’t know what to write or do. The pen is rhythmically tapping on your notebook or your fingers are just twiddling away. Take a deep breath and know that you are not alone. There are ways to release fear so you can bring your idea to the light.

  1. Be patient with yourself.
  2. Honor the idea and do something with it.
  3. Acknowledge the fear.

When fear kicks in it is okay, you are human and this is a natural emotion. The key is, don’t let it stop you. Be patient with yourself breathe through the fear and acknowledge it. Try to understand where it is coming from and what you can do to release it and move forward. Even though you have the idea and you are scared, it is important to do something with the idea. This will help you push through the resistance.

For example, you can write down the idea in your journal. You can also talk it out in a recorder and transcribe it later. With your idea, share some of the reasons why you are not ready to move forward. This can be a great free writing session.

There is a Reason For your Idea.

Remember, your creative ideas are from God, there is a reason that the idea was given to you. I remember when I had the concept of merging wellness and writing, but I wasn’t ready. I honored the space and I also understood my soul was speaking. But there were areas in my life that I needed to heal and situations that I had to grow through in order to hold the space and responsibility to help others on their journey.

Five Ways to Release Fear and Put the Pen to the Page.

1. Listen – How are your ideas coming to you? Do you hear it, see it, feel it? Is it appearing in your dreams? Regardless it is important that you listen and acknowledge what is occurring. It is happening for a reason and it is given to you for a specific purpose.

2, Act – Once you get the idea write it down. Even if you work with it another time give it the respect by at least writing it down. From there if it is something that is pressing, move with it. When God gives you an idea, this is a way for you to share your gifts and talents with the world.

3. Fear-less – Don’t let fear, negative self-talk, or anything get in the way of following through on the idea. Move in aligned and purposeful faith without fear. Again, you are vessel for higher power work and it is necessary for you to shift your mindset to know you can do anything you put your mind to. Go for it.

4. Execute – Just do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get started. This will help your motivation and momentum to continue. You can tweak along the way, but the simple act of showing up will show the universe that you are ready and you will be surprised what to see how things will line up on your behalf.

5. Reflect – Look back to see how far you’ve come. You got an idea, you showed up to do the work and execute, now set some goals aligned with this goal and continue working with it. Don’t forget to celebrate.

Leave a note in the comments. How do you get over fear and move forward with your idea?

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Write Well. Be Well.

1 thought on “Five Ways to Release Fear and Put the Pen to the Page”

  1. I never get stuck with an idea like you described it, but what does happen is that I get into terrible writing slumps where I don’t know how to execute something or go where I want to in the story. Or I simply start thinking what I wrote so far is rubbish. Creeping self doubt. Whenever I feel that way I reread Neil Gaiman’s NaNoWriMo pep talk. You can easily find it on Google. <3 <3

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