Five Ways You Can Write Through the Chaos With Ease

When it looks like nothing is working, keep writing and creating.

Whether you want to start a writing practice, get published, or write a book there comes a time when we hit a wall and challenges are larger than our goals. There are times when we want to give up. I encourage you to keep going. This is a test of strength and character. As writers and creatives we have to do it anyway and release the attachment. When you are persistent, show up for yourself, and show up for your work, each seed you plant will create growth in one way or another. This week, I share some tips that will help you keep moving toward that dream and/or goal even if it feels like nothing is working.

  1. Do it anyway – I understand, the give up talk is yelling and your gut is telling you to keep going. Remember, your present situation is not a reflection of your future. Listen to your gut and do the next best thing you can do in this moment. Is it to read over a pitch, find that editors name, journal, or start your writing goal for the day. What ever the next best action is, do it. You will feel better.
  2. Ask yourself the right questions – What is the true root of this block. Fear, funds, f*ck*ry? Sit down and be still for a moment. Ask yourself the right questions. Then ask what can I do in this moment to calm down and get aligned. I understand, it is easier said than done, but think of yourself, your mindset, and your future. As you ask yourself the right questions and answer honestly, you will get to know yourself better and understand how to navigate through blocks.
  3. Take a break -Pause but don’t quit. While you are pausing do something that is still creative. Enhance your creativity in a different way. This is a great time to reflect and journal on your present situation, what you want to change, and future. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Pauses can help you get clear and cleanse. When you get back to it, you have clarity and direction.
  4. Take care of yourself – We all know self-care is essential, but this goes beyond the spa day, shopping, and mani/pedi. There are times where taking full care of yourself can be scary and ugly at first, but your future self will thank you. Are you being responsible? Are you keeping your own promises? Are you cutting out the people and things that are not serving you? Do you have to say no to comfort and get uncomfortable to take that next step for yourself? This is also taking good care of yourself.
  5. Trust the process – Know that it is all working out for the greater good. This too shall pass. Also, when you get through it, you will have a hell of a story to tell. Journal your way through this time and be ready because these tests are testimonies to help yourself and others. Any challenge happens for you. This is a time to listen carefully, pay strong attention, and follow directions. You will be led where you need to be.

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Be Well. Write Well.

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