Essential Oils That Will Enhance Your Creativity

There is nothing like the perfect aroma that will instantly enhance your mood, focus, and creativity. Essential oils are helpful when you want to open up space to write and create. When I know I have a lot of writing to do, sometimes I put some essential oils in my diffuser and let it flow for a while. When  I come back to the room, the scent is amazing and there is that immediate mental shift.

There are a number of ways essential oils can be help your mind, body, soul, and surroundings.  When it comes to creativity, there are some oils that will help you focus and get your creative juices flowing so the pen will effortlessly meet the page.

The oils listed below are known to enhance creativity, aid in focus, confidence, and concentration.

Peppermint –promotes concentration

Rosemary – improves mental clarity

Lavender – calming and relaxing.

Jasmine – gives feeling of confidence and helps with focus and concentration.

Orange – eases anxiety, promotes energy and excitement.

 Eucalyptus – enhances mental clarity and creativity.

Grab your diffuser and let the oils and creativity flow.

Make sure you read the instructions and use as directed.

Let me know in the comments. Do you use essential oils?

Be Well. Write Well,


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