Creating a Space to Write

As we create and sustain a writing practice, having a specific area where you write can make a difference. Location does help when it comes to creativity and writing, but sometimes people don’t have an option of a specific space to write. There are ways to set up an area and/or shift your mindset so you can write with peace and ease.

Writing for me comes in different forms. When I worked as an editor, I could write anywhere because it was more mechanical and on demand. As I took a large step back from writing it has become a sacred practice again. Certain writing, I must have quiet and I need to be alone. This is for my journaling, and intuitional writing rituals. When I am blogging and creating content for clients, working at the library, co-working space, or coffee shop serves me better.

What about you?

Do you have a specified area for writing?

If you don’t or want to find a space to write here are some tips to make it happen. Once you have your space set up send me a picture, I would love to see it. I will share some of my spaces in future too on IG. I have to take some photos.

  1. Look at your area 

If you are writing or journaling, where do you write right now? Do you like the space? If so great. If not, is there something that you can do to make it more conducive for your writing. Can you set up a mini table in your area? Are there some fun and colorful pillows you can put in your space? Can you clean out an area  so you can use that space for writing?

Acton step: Find two places that you can use as your writing space.

  1. Create with intention

Once you find your space, find items that inspire you. Put up photos of your favorite authors, quotes, colors etc. Create this space with intention for your writing and creative success. If you are stuck, Pinterest is a great way to get some inspiration.

  1. Leave your comfort zone

Are you too comfortable where you are writing? Sometimes leaving your space is a good thing. Visit other areas to get work done. The perspective can help your creativity. To clarify, if you are chilling on the couch watching Netflix and writing as a passive activity, it is time to move. What message are you giving your art if you are treating it like a FB scroll. In addition, even if you have your office/writing space set up. The change in perspective is good.

  1. Do what you can with what you have

If you can’t find a specific space, no worries. Do what you can with what you have. Create a ritual before you write, or you can play music, burn a candle, or rearrange your area. Doing an activity that gets you ready for writing, will help your brain know it is writing time. I want you to enjoy the process of creating and writing. If your bed is that space, put something on it with you that reminds you of creating and writing. Do the best you can with what you have. If you are limited on space, you can mentally set yourself up for writing.

  1. Collaborate

Find some friends and set up writing dates. I do this regularly. It’s fun and also a great way to bounce ideas off of each other and create a community. Writing is lovely but, at times, it can be lonely. It is great to have a supportive community of creatives to nurture, support, and encourage you. If you are looking to find some inspirational pieces for your space, get your crew and go shopping, thrifting, visit art spaces, and make a day of it.

Send me a message, do you have a specific space for writing?

Write Well. Be Well.


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