Yes, you can write!

Do you want to write but feel stuck?
Do you have a book idea, but don’t know where to start?
Do you want to see your work published?
Do you want to use writing as a tool to heal?

Right now the urge to write is there, but you feel stuck, find excuses not to get started, and allow the negative narratives surrounding your writing to stop you altogether.

Whether you are an aspiring writer that needs help getting started, or your are in early stages of your writing career, there are specific steps you need to take to start your practice, set goals, and complete your projects.

Whether you want to start journaling, release blocks, get published, or self-publish your book, you have it in you to get it done.

Writing is a mind, body, soul process and we all need specific direction on starting, continuing, and completing our goals when it comes to writing.

You don't have to feel lost, overwhelmed, scared, and confused.

There is hope!

You can write with ease, heal, find your voice, finish your book, and get your work published if you have the right guidance. I am here to help.

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I've been in your shoes...

My name is Yvelette and as a content creator and writing coach I help writers find their voice so they can release blocks surrounding their writing and get published. I also write content for publications, businesses, bloggers, and infopreneurs.

I spent ten plus years honing my craft as a journalist and editor for national publications. My work has been featured in Essence, Uptown, Mind Body Green, Ebony, Ambassador, Jones Magazine, Black Enterprise, Centric TV, The Root, Hispanic Executive Quarterly, Hello Giggles, Michigan Chronicle, Green Build Design, The Source Magazine where I served as digital editor, and more. I am founder of Calming Corners, a blog that encourages readers to live a calm and healthy life.  I also self-published two books, “Vernon the Vegetable Man” and “Be Calm: 31 Mindful Affirmations and Reflections for Living a Peaceful Life.” I’ve also worked in public relations, wellness, and education.

I started to teach other writers because I know with my experience I can help you take the guess work out of writing. When I started, I was at the beginning of a life change. At the time, I left law school and wondering what was next. I heard a voice “do the thing you always wanted to do.” I knew it was to write. Although it was a dream of mine, I always struggled in English class and writing because I am dyslexic. Even though the negative narratives showed up, I had to show up stronger and make my dreams come true. That year I declared that I would write and be published in a magazine by the end of the year. Guess what? My first glossy magazine article was published in the December issue of Atlanta Life Magazine. The rest is history.

During my career, I’ve also worked in education as a classroom teacher, assessment coordinator, and consultant where I created restructuring plans for educational institutions. I hold a Master of Education degree. I worked in public relations by independently curating literary events, I worked with clients such as FX, OWN, TNT, and  numerous brands and non-profit organizations. My background in  holistic health and wellness includes receiving a M.S. in holistic nutrition, a raw foods certificate for coaching and teaching, and I am a second degree Reiki practitioner. I taught wellness workshops at  conferences, after school programs, and Whole Foods.

Ten years later, I am here. The idea for Pages & Pens came to me in a dream. I knew this was the path to take to bring my gifts together so I can help others. With a passion for writing and wellness, this platform will help writers develop from a holistic place and make their dreams come true.

I am happy to combine all of my professional tools to help clients see the results that they desire.

Let's talk about your dreams...

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It's time to show up for your writing.

Do you want to share your story with the world, start a consistent writing practice, learn how to release blocks, get published, gain more visibility, and/or self-publish your book? I can help you set up a plan to help your dreams become a reality.

I love helping writers like you, I was in your shoes at one time. I can help you through the process. With my 1:1 and group coaching, classes, and workshops you will be able to holistically:

Understand how to identify and release blocks when it comes to writing.

Start and sustain a writing practice.

Write with ease.

Use the written word to heal.

Find clarity.

Release writers block and procrastination.

Learn how to write a pitch letter.

Get published on blogs and in magazines.

Self-publish your book.

Use healing techniques to work through blocks and resistance, and more.

Working together we will create a safe space for creativity and writing. Within a few steps and mindful shifts, clients have come to the page and fearlessly begin to write with ease. These steps led them to clarity, consistency, and completion of the beautiful work they created.

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Ready to get started?

Do you want to write with confidence, clarity, and ease? Book a coaching session with Yvelette. Schedule your discovery call  today!